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21 March 1982

About Me

WARNING: Please be aware of abuse of striked sentences. I like to think them as my inner thoughts and I'm always thinking too much.

Right now, Ueda Tatsuya (this wonderful boy that I've got cuffed on the side) is everything that I care for. ♥
KAT-TUN is the best band ever. I can tell you a zillion reasons why you should love them, too. But I'm too lazy to write it up.
Arashi is the second best. But I'd like to warn you that too much rainbow can actually make one blind, y'know.

2. Languages
I also happen to love learning languages.
I've learned German for more than 10 years, now, but I still totally fail at it. (;__;)
I'm slowly learning Japanese for the last 5. Playing games and watching doramas / TV helps a lot, believe me.
Someday I'll tackle the French language, but I don't know when I'll have the time...

3. Likings
I like to play games, especially RPG and otome games. ♥ My favorite is La Corda d'Oro series, but I've also enjoyed playing Neo Angelique and Your: Memories Off Girl's Side.
My OTL is classical music. I've played the piano since I was 5 years old, and even went to the music college. But unfortunately it's almost impossible to make a living from it here in my country, and now I work as a office lady. (¬_¬) As I know one cannot stay too much time away from their true love, I know that someday I'll go back to it. But for the time being, I'll go on listening J-pop.
I also like fantasy literature and stuff, like Lord of the Rings (Galadriel is the best character, ever), Harry Potter and The X-Files.

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